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Alternative Therapies for Foot, Leg and Back Pain at the Wellness Center of Franklin

1. Chiropractic Therapy

So how can chiropractic help my leg pain? As with any condition, you want to start with treating the most common and typical cause of the pain and symptoms first. As described above, when bones or discs are out of position, and lose their ability to move properly, they often cause irritation to the surrounding tissues, including the nerves.

Many patients are surprised when they see that the nerves in our body travel from the spine all the way to the ends of our fingertips and toes. As a result, injuries to the vertebrae in the spine can create the sensation of pain anywhere along our arms and legs.  After getting the bones in proper alignment, patients may continue therapy with low level light treatment, homeopathic and nutritional support, etc. to soothe the nerves and strengthen the musculature.

2. Red Light/Low-Level Light Therapy for tissue repair and PEMF Therapy for rebuilding :

Please read the following excerpt from My Experiment with Red Light Therapy from Rachel Callahan...

So what the heck is Red Light Therapy and why haven’t you heard of it? It sounds really hokey that a light could make you feel better in all the ways, but there is a lot of science behind it (thousands of well-run studies), it’s already FDA approved for many uses (and is used by doctors, health spas, and physical therapists), and they actually know what the red light does – it activates, heals, and energizes mitochondria – i.e. The engine of our cells, so it makes total sense that it could help so many functions in your body. The basic takeaway is this: we as humans need red and infrared light, and we don’t get enough of it. Because of that, our cells are unnecessarily sluggish, effecting our energy, our moods, our muscle recovery and growth, our sleep, and pretty much our everything. By getting a daily or every other day dose of red light, we can have more energy, less pain, and better functioning muscles. Because I was having such extreme and chronic muscle pain, I can absolutely attest to its effectiveness. I started using the light on December 1. – On the third day of use, my back pain went away. Completely. I discontinued taking ibuprofen and muscle relaxers, and didn’t need my heating pad anymore (though I held onto its use for a few more days because it had become an expected comfort in my life.) Before that, I had not had a back-pain-free day in months. – Toward the end of the first week, I began to find myself wanting to run longer. I went from having intense hip flexor pain after running 3 miles to running 8 miles with no pain. – I also noticed at the end of that first week that a pain I’ve had continuously since I started running – sharp knee pain upon walking downstairs the day of and the day after a run – was completely gone. I could walk downstairs with no pain and without leaning on the handrail. – I found myself falling asleep immediately – something I do not do. I’m normally a 30-minutes-of-wind-down person, all while resenting my immediately-asleep husband. But I was now actually sleepy at bedtime and would feel myself immediately drifting off. It was shocking and magical the first few times it happened. – Using the light gives me an immediate energy boost. I can wake up sluggish and with burning eyes, then feel energetic and have no eye burn after using the light. – One of the FDA approved uses is to get rid of cellulite. Three weeks after using the light daily, I went into our bathroom with the most unflattering lighting and did a search for my always-plenteous thigh cellulite. It was gone. – Starting in the third week, my legs all of a sudden felt bionic when I ran. They had no pain, no muscle burn or soreness, and felt significantly faster and more able. I could run up hills, without breaking pace, that I’d always walked up before. My legs felt like they were putting out no effort. It was spectacular. From there, my speed began ramping up to levels that I literally could not make my legs move before I started using the light. I remember last summer feeling like I was flying one day, and then being discouraged when my pace, still fast for me, was 10:30. I am now running sub-10 miles every time I run – up to 6 sub-10 miles in a row – and have nearly run a flat 9 minute mile (9:08. So close.) For me, this is huge. After my wreck in 2015, I became a much slower runner and have hung out in 11-12 minute miles since then. So to be running 9-9:30 is a huge gain for me – one that is clearly a result of the red light. Here’s my six mile run from this past weekend next to my fastest run in November, which was the month before I started using the light: – I also used to get injured when I would run faster than 10 minute miles – I would have knee or ankle pain for several days after going “too fast.” Last January I even resolved to run less in 2018 and hike more so that my knees could be more healthy. Despite the fact that I’m running faster than I have in over three years, I am experiencing no aches and pains from my running, during or after the runs. – After three weeks, some of my back pain returned. It wasn’t as bad as it was before, and was more localized. I was discouraged, because I couldn’t figure out why it would show back up, but then I was able to pinpoint where it was coming from: our old and unsupportive mattress. The light had stripped away all of my other muscle pain to make it obvious that the one thing I couldn’t red light away – my mattress – was still hurting me.

We bought a new mattress and now I am back to zero back pain, all the time. There are many, many other FDA approved and researched uses for the lights. Although my lack of pain has been miraculous, the thing that got me most excited about the light’s potential are the documented cognitive improvements it can make over time. It's supposed to make your brain work better, which y'all know I need.

3. RRT: Rapid Release Therapy:

Rapid Release Therapy is an integral part of chronic or acute pain rehab. Patients love it and it can really make a difference in breaking up adhesions or scar tissue and stimulating nerves and blood flow.

These are a few of our therapies, used together to achieve successful relief of pain for our patients, including:

  • Progressive Biometric Nutritional Protocols to naturally and without drugs help the body reduce inflammation, relieve pain and lubricate the joints...

  • In-Clinic Protocols like DMS, knee traction and joint mobilization treatments and... 

  • Home Protocols including Red Light /Low-Level Light therapy (LLLT) for tissue repair and Rebuilder therapy (PEMF) to re-educate the nerves and rebuild joint health. LLLT and PEMF therapies are science-based, well-substantiated methods to improve circulation, reduce inflammation, edema and muscle atrophy. They promote healing of tissues, nerves, treat neurological disorders and relieve pain.

By using all of these protocols together along with chiropractic adjustment, we create a synergistic effect to significantly improve circulation, reduce swelling and inflammation, decrease pain and heal joints without drugs or invasive surgery.

So, if you are experiencing foot, leg or low back pain, please don't continue to suffer... contact the Wellness Center of Franklin to schedule a consultation today. Call (615)790-6363

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