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New Medical Device Gives Long-Term Relief From Allergies!

At the Wellness Center of Franklin LLC, we get it - seasonal allergies can be absolutely miserable.

Over 50 million Americans each year suffer and if you’re one of them, you know that trying different over-the-counter remedies for the sneezing, the itching and watery eyes can be really frustrating. Many people try staying indoors, nasal sprays, pills, and even essential oil remedies.

But so many times, nothing seems to work long-term.

Wouldn’t it be great to be completely DONE with your allergies? How would it feel to be healthy and be breathing clear - enjoying the beautiful outdoors, instead of worrying about what the daily pollen count is going to be?

Living Allergy-Free Can be a Reality

What most people don’t realize is that many of their health issues occur because their immune system is reacting to environmental and chemical stressors.

Over time, these can weaken the immune system, causing chronic illness and a host of other problems, including allergies.

And it’s not just allergies that stem from a weakened immune system.

A weakened immune system can also cause:

- A lack of energy - Mental fog - Insomnia - Heart arrhythmias - Sinus infections - Skin problems - Digestive issues - And more!

As health-conscious individuals, our goal should be to combat seasonal allergies not with meds that cover up the symptoms. Our goal should be to get to the root of the problem - our immune system - and treat it first, so it can do its job of keeping us healthier overall.

At the Wellness Center of Franklin,LLC, that's our goal, too. We’re committed to healthy, happy patients with strong immune systems, who are completely allergy-free. And we’re accomplishing that goal, one patient at a time.


A Revolutionary New Therapy

We use a revolutionary new therapy that strengthens your immune system like nothing else.

It’s an approach based in what is called Quantum Medicine and uses the NRG laser device. It requires no surgery or shots, and best of all, it’s perfectly safe for all ages!

Here’s how it works.

When you first come into our office, you’ll receive an initial consult. After that we take you through a 20-minute test to check for food or seasonal allergies with causes such as pollen, weeds, grass, and mold.

Then we use the NRG laser device which combines biofeedback, radio signals, and gentle class 3 laser energy to relax your over reactive immune system.

This FDA-cleared system provides us with ...

A complete look at your body's response to everyday foods, weather, chemicals, pets, the environment and more

Patients see results usually after about seven treatments!

Worried about it’s effectiveness?

Watch this video below to learn more, then contact us at (615) 790-6363 to schedule your appointment today.

Let the Wellness Center of Franklin LLC put the NRG laser treatments to work for you and help you be rid of your allergies forever!

Channel 4 story on the NRG Allergy Laser

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