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What is Neuropathy?


Neuropathy is a condition where nerves are damaged causing weakness, burning pain, numbness, tingling and debilitating balance problems. The damage to the nerves can be caused by many different problems in the body. Poor blood flow to the nerves, toxic levels of sugar in the blood (diabetes), chronic infections, pesticide exposure, and genetic variants are just a few causes of this debilitating condition. The cause is different for every patient and it must be discovered to help the nerves heal.

Another common cause of nerve damage is auto-immunity. Auto-immune diseases occur when the immune system mistakenly starts to attack the body. That's right! Many times the immune system is actually killing the nerves of peripheral neuropathy sufferers. This is why thorough testing is vitally important to healing neuropathy.

Drugs can also play a part in neuropathy. Some of the worst offenders are statin drugs, chemotherapy, and drugs for Type 2 diabetes.

Gabapentin, Neurontin, Lyrica, and other drugs are used to mask the pain of Neuropathy, but sadly these don't heal any damage. They don't get at the real cause.

Neuropathy also gets worse over time and if it's left untreated, it can be a cause of serious injuries, falls, and other potentially life-threatening conditions.

Can peripheral nerves heal?

Yes! It is well-established in scientific literature that nerves can and do heal. The key issue is that not only do we need to get the nerves healing but we have to stop whatever is causing the nerve damage in the first place. When the underlying cause is discovered and proper support for the nerves are provided it optimizes the ability for the nerves to heal!

The Incredible 5-Step Treatment to Get Relief From Neuropathy


Now there's a breakthrough treatment for neuropathy in Franklin TN that involves NO DRUGS OR SURGERY! This treatment doesn't just mask the symptoms, it actually heals the damage!

The success rate of this breakthrough 5-step treatment is truly astounding! Patients have improved as much as 60 to 100%!

In order to effectively heal nerve damage, four factors must be determined:

  • What is the underlying cause of the nerve damage?

  • How severe is the nerve damage?

  • What types of nerve fibers are damaged? You have sensory nerves (both small fiber nerves and large diameter nerves) and motor nerves (that control movement of your muscles) NOTE: If there is muscle weakness from neuropathy for greater than two years the damage to the muscles will probably be permanent!

  • How much treatment will the nerves require to heal? This will depend on the degree of nerve damage and what types of fibers are damaged.


The treatment that I provide has four main goals...

  1. Optimize the environment within the body for nerve healing.

  2. Increase blood flow to the nerves.

  3. Stimulate the nerves that are damaged (small fiber, large diameter, or motor nerves) to reduce pain and improve balance.

  4. Decrease brain-based pain. Our exclusive treatment system increases blood flow to the nerves in the feet and/or hands, which allows helps to rejuvenate nerves naturally and has returned many of our patient's feet and/or hands to normal (see testimonials below). No surgery. No addictive medications.


Our proprietary and comprehensive treatment program utilizes up 8 different state-of-the-art technologies and is unlike any treatment program you may have already experienced. One of the treatments technologies we use to increase blood flow is our new Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT).

LLLT is one of the most powerful non-surgical lasers on the market today and it gets RESULTS!

The light therapy signals Vasoendothelial Growth (VEGF), which signals the production of angiogenesis. Angiogenesis is the creation of new blood vessels, which is needed to repair nerve damage.

These blood vessels grow back around the peripheral nerves and provide them with the proper nutrients to heal and repair.

We also use state-of-the-art digital electrotherapeutic stimulation to assist in the growth of the nerves called Nerve ReEducation. This is used by the Cancers Centers of America in order to help those going through Chemotherapy rebuild the nerves. Nerve ReEducation can even be done at home, so therapy can be done daily! The results can be immediate in both pain relief and restoration of normal sensation.

Nerve cells need two things to heal...

1. Fuel
2. Activation


This makes the combination of high-powered, Low Level Light Therapy (FUEL) and Nerve ReEducation (ACTIVATION) the perfect 1-2 punch for nerve regeneration! The amount of treatment needed to allow the nerves to recover varies from person to person and can only be determined after a detailed neurological and vascular evaluation.

It is working...

Our patients have experienced amazing results - significant, life-changing results such as:

  • Improved balance and stability

  • Sleeping throughout the night without pain

  • Reduced swelling

  • Increased blood flow to legs and feet

  • Improved walking and better ability to exercise


With this proprietary method, we use a combination of home therapy, nutrition, and physical medicine techniques to regenerate blood vessels around the nerves as well as stimulate those nerves to work properly again. You won't believe your results! You'll feel your feet again, be rid of the burning and tingling, and better balance will be restored.

If you suffer from Neuropathy, NOW is the time to get the relief you need. This exclusive Blueprint to Neuropathy treatment is only available at the Wellness Center of Franklin, LLC.



Will It Work For You?

Since every case is different, an in-office consultation and Neuropathy Scoring Evaluation is necessary to determine each patient's needs and resultant care plan. At the neuropathy consultation we will discuss your symptoms, medical history, treatment options, and whether this treatment is the right fit for you. Call now to make an appointment!

It's time to find out if this new treatment will be your neuropathy solution.

Call us at (615) 790-6363 to schedule your consultation.

Neuropathy Relief Success Stories

Neuropathy Relief Success Stories

Neuropathy Relief Success Stories
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“Dr Allison has got me out of pain, off my walking stick and enjoying life again.”

“Dr Allison has got me out of pain, off my walking stick and enjoying life again.”

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Neuropathy-back to a normal life thanks to Dr. Allison

Neuropathy-back to a normal life thanks to Dr. Allison

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Neuropathy- 80% relief in 30 days for busy music executive

Neuropathy- 80% relief in 30 days for busy music executive

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Space Age Technology to determine balance and predictability of falling. With Neuropathy, knee and hip problems or even post-concussion syndrome, we can use technology to evaluate your status safely in minutes...

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